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Global Voice Solutions
Multi Language

Multi-Language - Cross Cultural  

Many of our Enterprise clients have a global presence and require multiple language programs.  Our production staff is well versed in producing voice for global systems.  Certified translators, bi-lingual speakers and impeccable recordings add value to our package of language solutions.  One of our specialites! Our wide selection of voice talent reflects the global marketplace. We provide top-notch voicing in hundreds of languages.

James & Associates Since 1998

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Did you know

Case Study: Fortune 500 Financial Company needed a new persona.

Our production team assisted with the persona selection process by analyzing the client brand data, selecting the appropriate voice talent, and producing persona demos for the IVR sales team.  


This was a long selection process involving many hours of production.


In the end the client was satisfied and is still using our talent to represent their brand.

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