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Global Voice Solutions

From information services and telecom systems to the Cloud and beyond, James & Associates will ensure that your IVR/voice systems make the right impression (more)

Voice Production

Attention to detail is crucial to the voice production process. Starting with talent selection right down to final testing our team is agile and responsive to last minute changes ensuring that programs will roll-out on time and in pristine condition. Our team of multi-language voice specialists can make your reach global. Audition our talent here.

Pulse Point Connect

Custom designed multi-language after-care call connecting patients with their healthcare provider.  This call improves outcomes for patients and healthcare systems by automating a key connection at a critical time in the healing process. Learn more.

Custom Music

Set the mood by connecting to your customer with custom music composed to complement your brand. Representing a wide range of musical genres our team can create any sound or texture for your IVR, video presentation or commercial film project. Sample some of our work.

Adding value with a state-of-the-art studio, world-class talent and an experienced proactive team is what James and Associates is about. There are many steps in the IVR development process, design being the first and most important.  Our expertise with building IVR programs will bring an additional layer of customer service to the process.


What our clients say

“Kudos, I really appreciate all that you do.

Thank you! If you are ever in need of professional voice talent I give James & Associates my full endorsement – wonderful to work with.” 

Brian Mortensen 

Implementation Specialist 


Bill Lestan

Product Manager 


“I sent the recordings to the IBM customer for approval.

This is Awesome! Excellent Job!!! AT&T’s product

management team is impressed. In my opinion,

James & Associates is light years ahead of our current

process vendors.” 

Terry Olson

Production Manager 

West Interactive

“Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked with James & Associates as our primary multi-language voice vendor and “go-to” talent house for client requested English personas not available in our village.  Jan and her staff understand the necessity for attention to detail in all facets of voice recording. It’s especially crucial that foreign language professionals are native speakers or there is a risk of losing business by offending the target audience.”

Robb Denhom

Project Manager

First Data Voice Services

“In one instance, a large airline requested a slew of Asian Pacific languages for their IVR program. Once the translations were approved and recordings had been completed, the J&A team was on a conference call late at night to accommodate the airline’s language people from that area of the world to address any questions.  J&A professionalism contributed to my client’s comfort level, earning them top language resource status in my book.”

Lets talk about your project

Did you know

Case Study:  Assist Fortune 500 Money Transfer Company Build Global IVR Program

Our translation and language staff partnered with our client to build a global IVR program in 25 languages.  


The process included several rounds of translation along with design elements to support localization to over 50 countries.  This project is on-going.


“Our bi-lingual talent is still the persona for the North American program in English and Spanish.”

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James & Associates                       Since 1998

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